Manual Climate Change: The Science, Impacts and Solutions

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While the message is clear that climate change is here and in some areas, might already be having disastrous effects , there is still hope for the future, and the ideas presented here will inspire people to take action.

Climate Change: The Science, Impacts and Solutions is an important reference for students in environmental or social sciences, policy makers, and people who are genuinely concerned about the future of our environment. I feel this will become a resource for all geography and science teachers, and perhaps a number of our politicians, to generate the will to do that which is necessary.

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Packed with summaries of the most recent data, it should be recommended reading for anyone planning a unit on climate change. He has tried for objectivity and has mostly been successful. In general, this is an excellent piece of work, comprehensive and well-integrated…I certainly plan to prescribe it for our own undergraduate courses in climate change.

Despite this large natural variability, underlying longer-term trends are evident in some regions, and these are likely to be climate change related. There has been significant drying across southern Australia, especially across the cool April-October growing season. The recent decrease in rainfall across southern Australia, at an agriculturally and hydrologically important time of the year, is associated with a trend towards high atmospheric pressure high mean sea level pressure in the region. This trend is associated with a shift in large-scale weather patterns.

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A recent attribution study shows extremely high pressures as seen across southeast Australia in August are more likely to occur in the future due to climate change. There has been a net increase in summer rainfall across much of the continent over the past 30 years. Research is continuing into the underlying cause.

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Groundwater is vulnerable to climate change and climate variability. Potential climate risks for groundwater include reduced groundwater recharge and supplies, seawater intrusion to coastal aquifers, reduction of freshwater availability on small islands, and increased demand from communities and industries. Supply from surface and groundwater is not the only risk to our water resources.

For example, increased extreme weather events, such as bushfires and floods, can affect water quality and water infrastructure.

Climate Change: the Science, Impacts and Solutions [Book Review]

Increasing temperatures may increase the risk of bacterial contamination in water supplies, blue-green algal outbreaks and acid-sulphate soil issues. In , the Government released the NWI module: Considering climate change and extreme events in water planning and management , a supporting document to the National Water Initiative Policy Guidelines for Water Planning and Management.

Climate Change Research

The module provides guidance to jurisdictions on how to consider and incorporate possible impacts from climate change and extreme events in water planning and management. It provides a suite of options for managing climate risks, allowing water planners to develop an approach tailored to their local circumstances such as the type of water resource, and level of demand for water. The State of the Environment report found climate change is one of the main pressures on the Australian environment and exacerbates other pressures including land-use change, habitat fragmentation and degradation, and invasive species.

Climate change, particularly rising temperatures, increases the impact of these existing pressures, undermining the resilience of native species. Scientists expect climate change to cause changes to the abundance and geographic range of many species, restrict or alter species movement and interfere with their lifecycles such as the timing of germination.

Climate Change: the Science, Impacts and Solutions, 2nd Edition – By A. Barrie Pittock

Ecosystems have a limited capacity to manage these multiple pressures compared to human systems. Rates of climate change, together with other pressures, limit the capacity of species to adapt in situ or migrate to more climatically suitable areas, where such areas exist. Human health is linked with environmental factors such as temperature, and air and water quality.

The increasing incidence of heatwaves is leading to a greater risk of injury, disease and death. Heatwaves have caused more loss of life than any other natural hazard in Australia over the past years. The increasing frequency and intensity of other extreme weather events poses risks to human health, including injuries, disease and death, and disruption to health services.

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